Print Scheduler Failed to Start with “Access Denied” Message in Event Log – BarTender Problem


This article explores the problem of BarTender Print Scheduler service not restarting at reboot and explores some possible implications and a potential solution.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Print Scheduler Service fails to start at reboot
  • Manual starting of the Print Scheduler works
  • Windows Event ID 7000 in the system Event Log “The BarTender Print Scheduler service failed to start due to the following error: Access denied”


The BarTender Print Scheduler Service is a Windows Service that manages BarTender print engines and intelligently assigns jobs to them while maximizing performance and maintaining print order.

  • Jobs printing to a specific printer will always come out of that printer in the order the requests were received
  • When documents contain embedded data that can change, such as serialized counters, they will be bound to a single print engine to ensure data integrity

It is likely that this service is only used for server based printing through Integration Builder and possibly Web Printing. However, that has not been confirmed.


It seems that the issue was caused by either or both the Windows Update KB4457129 and KB4457426.  Uninstalling those updates appears to restore things back to normal.


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