Print and Print Preview Will Not Work – BarTender Problem


This article explains how to resolve the BarTender issue that prevents the ‘Print Preview’ from working.


When trying to print or execute a print preview of a BarTender label from the BarTender client application (i.e. the label design software), BarTender ‘blinks’ (screen quickly flashes) with no print dialog or preview.


BarTender is having a problem rendering the label at print time.

In the situation that prompted this article, the BarTender label file had been linked to a SQL database in the previous revision of the label.  Although the database connection has been removed, Data Source links still existed that called out for the missing database connection.


Removing these legacy database links allowed the BarTender to print and print preview functions to work again.

BarTender has a feature that allows user to determine where the database fields are being used in the label.

  1. Open BarTender
  2. Open the label in question
  3. Select View/Database Field Names

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