‘Print Method’ Button is Grayed Out – BarTender Problem

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In BarTender, the Print Method button in the Barcode Properties window is grayed out.


Print Method allows the user to print using three options:

  1. Barcodes rendered by the printer and text rendered by BarTender: This is the default mode and allows printing of barcodes at high speed using the printer’s built-in barcode capabilities. This option offers the best selection of fonts for the human-readable characters.
  2. Both barcodes and human-readable text rendered by the printer: This prints barcodes at the highest possible speed by using the printer’s built-in barcode and text capabilities.
  3. Both barcodes and human readable text rendered by BarTender: This setting offers the best WYSIWYG printing of the barcode and the human-readable characters. However, it will cause the labels to print out more slowly. This delay can be significant, especially when using a serial port. Barcodes are generated and sent to the printer as bitmaps, rather than using the printer’s built-in barcode capabilities.

The Print Method button will be grayed out if the selected printer is not a specialized label printer, capable of generating barcodes using its onboard fonts. As a result, BarTender will generate the barcode(s) as a graphic image and send it to the printer.


To access the Printer Method options, use a printer with the capability of printing barcode or fonts locally (i.e. from the firmware of the printer). If the printer allows for this but the button is still grey, update to the latest version of BarTender designer and use a printer driver from Seagull Scientific that allows using printer fonts stored on the printer.


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