Print Manager (SENTINEL) Unable to Execute Print Jobs in the Label Manager (LABEL ARCHIVE) Without .lab – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem


This article applies to TEKLYNX CENTRAL, and explains the problem of the Print Manager being unable to execute print jobs. SENTINEL is not able to execute a print job if LABEL ARCHIVE does not contain the “.lab” extension.


If the name of the label file in the Label Manager (LABEL ARCHIVE) does not contain the “.lab” extension, the Print Manager (SENTINEL) will not be able to execute it.
We saw this in our test environment in the print preview function and suspect it appeared after a migration from TEKLYNX CENTRAL v3 to TEKLYNX CENTRAL v4.


The .lab extension is required. This is possibly a required step in a TCv3 to TCv4 upgrade?


The label file needs to be checked out of the Label Manager (LABEL ARCHIVE) and then checked back in using “Check-in As” so the name can be changed to include the file extension.

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