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NiceLabel Cloud offers the option to print from a Browser. In practical terms, this allows users to print labels from a Macintosh computer, as well as from iOS, Android and Windows computers and devices.


You will need a subscription to either NiceLabel Cloud Business or NiceLabel Cloud Compliance.


  1. On one or more Windows workstations, install print drivers from NiceLabel or from the printer’s manufacturer.
  2. Ensure that each installed printer is online.
  3. Send a test print from the workstation to the printer.
  4. Authenticate the workstation(s) to NiceLabel Cloud.
  5. Download and install NiceLabel 10 or NiceLabel WebClient onto the workstation(s).
  1. Launch NiceLabel 10 or NiceLabel Web Client.
  2. If necessary, log out and reauthenticate to the Cloud.
  3. Launch a web browser on a different device or workstation.
  4. Log into your NiceLabel Cloud account and authenticate.
  5. Locate a label to print, right-click on it and select Print to open the Preview and Print window.

This web page allows the entry of variable data. Additionally, template-related database records can be selected. The printers installed on the Windows workstation(s) at the beginning of this article (or previously) are available to select.

Additional Comments

Tested using NiceLabel Cloud Business and Windows 11.

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