Print Applicator Puts Wrong Label On Pallet – Labels ‘Out Of Sync’ – EPLS Problem


This article explains how to resolve a problem with the EPLS print applicator that makes the labels out of sync.


The EBI Pallet Software is designed to remember the order of the pallets as they run through the system. This allows the system to print and apply labels that may be some distance from the Initial Scanner.

If the production or system is interrupted, it can cause labels to get ‘out of sync’. The system may start apply labels ‘one off’ the correct sequence.
One example would be: pallet #1 is scanned but the label is applied to pallet #2. The label from the pallet #2 scan goes on pallet #3. This keeps happening indefinitely until the system is reset.


The main solution suggested right now is change the Sato Print Driver settings so that a command string is appended to each label print job. This command string directs the printer to remove all other print jobs in memory. By doing this, the new print job automatically goes to the ‘front of the line’ (mainly because the line is removed).

Caution…if the Initial Scanner reads a pallet and sends a print job to the printer before a label is printed on a previous pallet, that previous print job(s) will be removed. In other words, use caution with production lines where one or more pallets may exist between the pallet at the Initial Scanner and the print applicator.

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