Print a Label Using a Label Design Stored in Zebra Printer Memory with CODESOFT – CODESOFT Instructions


This Instruction Article explains how to use CODESOFT to print a label using a label design previously stored into Zebra printer memory. Printing to the printer this way involves sending a snippet of ZPL code to a printer set up as a ‘Smart Printer‘. This feature is often used to either:

  1. Speed printing by storing as much data as possible in printer memory (instead of transferring it through the network).
  2. Allow labels to be easily and quickly printed from another system by sending a short piece of ZPL code that includes the name given to the label in the printer memory and values for variable fields to populate in the label


  • Use of CODESOFT Printer drivers (not Windows drivers) for Zebra printer.  Model ZE500-4 RH 300dpi is used in this example.
  • Working understanding of CODESOFT (2014 or later)
  • Some understanding of ZPL language
  • Working knowledge of Windows printing process
  • The label design ZPL instructions saved in the printer memory


  1. Open the CODESOFT label
  2. Select a Zebra printer (using driver from CODESOFT) as printer for the label
  3. Select Print from File menu.
  4. Click on Settings and select Advanced tab
  5. Check the following boxes.
    • Recall downloaded format using ^FN command
    • User variable identifier
  6. Select Layout tab
  7. Clear the Delete all layouts box before printing
  8. Click OK when done

Additional Comments

  • This article is based on CODESOFT software. The concept, however, may be applicable to any software that can export ZPL code (LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX, BarTender, etc.)
  • The results may vary for different models of Zebra printer as some printers have more features than others


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