Pixel Blur in Datalogic VPM – Datalogic VPM Problem


This article explains several solutions to a Datalogic problem that causes blurred images when using a VPM.


An image captured by VPM appears blurred even though the focus is correct.


If the shutter speed on the camera is too slow and/or the item captured by the camera is moving too fast, the image may appear blurred.  This will reduce the effectiveness of the vision system in recognizing the image in the Pattern Sort Tool or being able to read a barcode on the item using the Code Reader Tool.

There are two approaches to fix this problem:

  1. Increase Shutter Speed – additional lighting and/or larger aperture is often needed to compensate for a faster shutter speed.
  2. Decrease Velocity of the Item – slowing or stopping the speed of the item at the time of image capture

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