“Permission Denied…BarTender’s security policy does not allow the specified user to perform this action” – BarTender Error Message


This article explains how to resolve the BarTender issue that gives a “permission denied” error message when trying to run the program or its components.


User gets the following error message when trying to run BarTender or its components: “Permission Denied… BarTender’s security policy does not allow the specified user to perform this action”


This message appears because the security feature is enabled on the local computer (Security Center for version 10.1, Security in Administrative Console for version 2016). All of the BarTender programs will not run except Security Center.

Typically, the error can be resolved by simply adding the users or groups to the security center and assign proper permission.  However, if the appropriate users or groups are already included in the security center, then the problem may lie with how the security information is stored in the system. This is usually caused by substantial changes to the server and/or user environment (network reconfiguration, domain migration, workstation migration or server migration).


The recommended solution is to remove the users/groups from the security center and re-add them back. This will ensure that the security information is pointing to the correct domain.
To temporarily bypass this problem, disable the security center on the local computer. Disabling the security center will not impact the internal security within Librarian. The Security Center only controls what the user can run at the local workstation.

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