“Permission Denied” – BarTender Error Message


This article explains the BarTender error message “Permission Denied” and details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This is a generic error message generated when a user does not have permission to execute certain functions in BarTender.  BarTender uses Windows Active Directory to determine the logged in user’s Windows group and references the BarTender permissions granted to that user group.  These BarTender permissions are set by user groups in the Administration Console.


Check that the permissions for the user or group are properly set for the user function he/she tries to execute.  These permissions can be found in the User Permissions screen (see above).  In BarTender 2016, this screen is located under Security in the BarTender Administration Console.  You can find the BarTender Administration Console withing the BarTender client application buy selecting:

Tools / Administration Console

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