‘Password Required in Approval’ Does Not Work for AD Accounts – LABEL ARCHIVE Problem Article


“Password Required in Approval” fails to work for Active Directory accounts in LABEL ARCHIVE v2014 / TEKLYNX CENTRAL 4.5.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Approval, 3-State Approval and Password required in approval boxes in LABEL ARCHIVE / TEKLYNX CENTRAL Server Administration checked
  • A checked in document sits In Approval state
  • When a UMSS user approves the document, LABEL ARCHIVE prompts for password (expected)
  • When an Active Directory user tries to approve the document, LABEL ARCHIVE / TEKLYNX CENTRAL fails to prompt for password (document gets approved – not expected)
LABEL ARCHIVE Server Admin Screen


TEKLYNX CENTRAL added AD password verification (during document approval) with version 4.7.  We confirmed that this feature in TEKLYNX CENTRAL version 5.0.


Upgrade to the latest version of LABEL ARCHIVE or TEKLYNX CENTRAL.


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