Password Lock Out for CODESOFT – CODESOFT Problem


This article explains how to reset the user password in the event it is forgotten.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This procedure is for the password to ‘execute’ CODESOFT and does not apply to passwords for individual label templates. See article for label design passwords: Password Lock Out for CODESOFT Label Design Changes – CODESOFT Problem


User is locked out and cannot open CODESOFT.


CODESOFT has the ability for a password to be created to maintain security for label alterations.


This solution resets the password to default ‘no password’ or to ‘change password’:

  1. Make sure CODESOFT is not running
  2. Navigate to C:\Programdata\Teklynx\CODESOFT xxxx > CS.ini file > navigate to the line starting with ‘W2=’ > delete the entire line and save file.
  3. Start CODESOFT.
  4. CODESOFT will prompt you for a password > use ‘CODEPASS’ as the password (case sensitive). At this point, you may leave the password changed to blank to disable password, or change the password to your liking.


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