Password Unavailable for Markoprint Print Driver – CODESOFT Problem

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Teklynx requires a special license for the print driver in order to use a Markoprint printer. After installing the print driver, the printer is ready. Attempting to change the print settings by clicking Settings… causes a prompt for a password to open. However, you don’t know the password and one was not provided.

The Password Checking window will appear when the user clicks the Settings... button.


Based on our investigation, it appears that Weber Marking Systems – the manufacturer of the Markoprint line – required the password feature. Further research showed that the password was meant for manufacturer use only and is not made available for public use. As a result, you will not be able to make any changes to the printer settings from within the printer driver.


You cannot use the printer driver settings to make changes to printer settings. Label changes must be made in CODESOFT or using the UI on the printer itself.


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