“This page can’t be displayed” When Trying to Connect to TEKLYNX CENTRAL via Web Interface – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Problem Article


Using Internet Explorer, user receives “This page can’t be displayed” error when trying to connect to the web interface (BBUI – Browser Based User Interface) of TEKLYNX CENTRAL (TC).  This problem does not appear when using other browser (Chrome or Firefox).

Situation and Symptoms

TC Server Name = TC_1

Using Internet Explorer

  • Connect to http://tc_1 – user gets standard IIS page.
  • Connect to http://tc_1/tcadmin, after user authentication, there is about 5 seconds pause the user received this error.


The problem has been isolated to the way TC deals with underscore (“_”) in the host name.  As of this writing, we do not have specific cause.


At this time, the solution is to avoid using underscore in the host name.  If the host name (TC_1) must have underscore, you can create an alias (TC-1) in your DNS without underscore and use the alias to access TC web interface (http://tc-1/tcadmin).

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