Option to Map Data to a Label is Grayed Out – BACKTRACK Problem


This article explains the issue that causes the “Map Data” option to be grayed out and thus makes BACKTRACK users unable to use it to map the fields in BACKTRACK to fields in the label design.  In the solution section, the article provides recommendations on how to help the user get the expected results.


“Map Data” button grayed out on Select Label Screen


The label does not have the proper fields configured to allow for data mapping.  A common problem is to use the wrong Data Source type.  Mapping in CODESOFT used to work wiht “Advanced” data field types but now “When Printed”.  LABELVIEW, in more recent versions, is now “When Printed”.  In LABEL MATRIX, the data source needs to be Keyboard.


Make sure the label design file, selected in the list on the Select Label screen, is configured with the correct type of fields required by BACKTRACK to pass through data.  This should be:

LABEL MATRIX – Keyboard Input

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