Removing Unsupported Features from a NiceLabel Automation File – Instructions

Target Audience: IT Manager
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The NiceLabel Automation file contains all of the actions that NiceLabel can perform. The demo version allows users to try the full suite of actions. However, purchasing a license with reduced features can cause problems. This is because the same Automation file is used once the software is purchased. The result is that NiceLabel will generate error messages reading “Cannot open configuration. Configuration file was created with a different product level of NiceLabel”.

You will need to open the NiceLabel Automation file and remove unsupported actions to resolve this problem.


  1. Open NiceLabel Automation Builder
  1. Click Open Configuration. Or, select one of the recently opened files under Recently Used Configurations.
  1. Double-click on Triggers
  1. In the File tab, select Actions
  1. Remove the unwanted actions by right-clicking on them and selecting Delete.
  1. When finished, save the file and close it.


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