Offline License Deactivation for TEKLYNX Software – Instructions

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A computer experiencing hardware failure causing it to no longer function reliably, or simply no longer being able to connect to the internet can tie up a software license with no way to release it for use on another computer. Alternately, network security policies can prohibit servers from connecting to the internet. This article provides guidance on how to perform an offline license deactivation for TEKLYNX software using a second computer that is connected to the internet. 


In order to deactivate a license on a computer that is offline, you will need:

  • The serial number and password for the software you wish to deactivate.
  • Access to the offline system requiring software deactivation – Computer A
  • Access to a second system that has Internet connection – Computer B


  1. On Computer A – Start the software deactivation (from License Manager or from within the software). This can vary depending on the software product. You may see the progress bar. This indicates that the activation software is trying to contact Teklynx activation server.
  1. Once the progress bar disappears, you will see a menu window giving you several options. Select Deactivate software license and click Next.
Select Deactivate software license.
  1. You will receive the popup warning message “You will no longer be able to use your software on this machine. Do you want to continue?” Click OK.
Click OK to continue the license deactivation.
  1. The system will now prompt you for the deactivation method. Select Using our website and then click Next.
Select Using our website.
  1. The License Manager will display a User Code. Copy this code for use on Computer B. Your license on Computer A is now deactivated. However, you will still need to inform the Teklynx Activation Server so that it releases the license, enabling you to register the software on another computer.
Write down the User Code for use on the second computer.
  1. On Computer B, launch an internet browser and go to:
TEKLYNX Software Activations webpage.
  1. Fill out the information in the required fields. Enter the User Code from Step 5 into the last field, also labeled User Code. Click Submit.
Fill out the fields, entering the User Code you received during the deactivation on Computer A into the last field.
  1. You should receive a confirmation message indicating that your software has been successfully deactivated on Computer A.
Example of a Deactivation successful message.
  1. You have successfully performed an offline license deactivation for your software.


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