Offline License Activation for TEKLYNX Software – Instructions

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For some users, network security protocols prohibit servers from being connected to the internet. This can be a problem when attempting to activate a license on a new computer because TEKLYNX software uses a server to authenticate licenses. Fortunately, there is a work around using a second computer to connect to the server allowing activation without violating policy. This article will guide you through the process of offline license activation of TEKLYNX software.


Before beginning, you will need to have the following ready to go:

  • The serial number and password for the software you wish to activate.
  • Access to the system where the software is to be installed while lacking an internet connection – Computer A.
  • Access to a second computer which can be connected to the internet. – Computer B.


On Computer A

  1. Start the software activation process. This can be from either the License Manager or from within the software itself. The method can vary depending on the software product involved.
  2. Click on Activate and then on Next.
TEKLYNX Central License Manager window.
  1. Click on Activate and then on Next.
  2. Enter the software serial number and password.
    Please note that the NSP portion will already be entered and you will only have to enter the part after NSP.
  1. Click Next.
  2. The software will attempt to contact the server and will display a progress bar.
The progress bar will stall. This is normal.
  1. However, since it cannot connect to the internet it will, after a brief period, open a new screen providing alternative methods to complete the activation process. Select Using our website and click Next.
Select Using our website to continue the activation process.
  1. The next window will have three different data fields: User Code, Validation Code and Installation Code. Only the User Code field will be filled out at this time. You will get the information for the other two fields from the website in the following steps.
The Validation Code and Installation Code information will come from the website.

On Computer B

  1. Launch an internet browser and go to:
    You should see a software activation screen.
TEKLYNX software activation web page.
  1. Fill out the required fields.
    Please note that the last field is User Code. You will need to enter the user code that you copied from Computer A in Step 7.
  2. Click Submit.
Fill out all fields and enter the User Code from Step 7.
  1. The website should display a screen showing the Validation and Installation Codes. Copy these down for use on Computer A.
TEKLYNX software activation web page showing Validation and Installation Codes.

On Computer A

  1. Enter the Validation Code and Installation Code from the previous step into the appropriate fields on the Activation Screen and click Next.
Enter the Validation Code and Installation Code from the website in the appropriate fields.
  1. The License Manager will display the message confirming that you have successfully completed the offline license activation.
License Manager window confirming success.


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