ODBC vs OLEDB Data Source Connections with TEKLYNX Labeling Software – TEKLYNX Reference Article


This Reference Article defines and explains the use of ODBC and OLEDB data source connections with TEKLYNX labeling products (CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX).


To connect to a database, CODESOFT needs to use a driver and send, to that driver, critical information. The driver needs this information to find and open the database (e.g. database server, name, login, password, special query, etc.). Two options include:

  • Windows ODBC connections
  • CODESOFT OLEDB connections

Windows ODBC Connections

Users store these connection settings within Windows and make them available to any software running on that device. Use the ODBC Data Source Administrator within Windows as the  interface to add, update, or delete the connection settings. The same UI can be accessed in Windows or though CODESOFT.

CODESOFT OLE DB connections

Users create, store, and change these settings from within CODESOFT. The settings are stored in a file. CODESOFT saves these files, by default, in the DataLink folder in ProgramData/Teklynx/CODESOFT.


Although we recommend editing these setting via the CODESOFT UI, a text editor can view and even edit these setting directly.


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