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Users are reporting that a NiceLabel WebClient application fails to load after launching the Web Client itself. This can happen after Web Client is launched from Windows or via the Control Center. When an application is chosen and/or authenticating to the Control Center, the application does not appear on the desktop.

Situation and Symptoms

  • NiceLabel Web Client is properly installed
  • If the user has access to more than one application, an application list will appear to allow the user to select the software to launch.
  • The application form does not load whether the Web Client is launched (for single available application) or when chosen from the application list.


There are a number of reasons why the NiceLabel Web Client or an application may not properly launch:

  • Another application is conflicting with Web Client.
  • There is a supporting software issue within Windows.
  • An anti-virus program is intercepting the launch of Web Client.
  • The Web Client is not restoring to the visible desktop.
  • There is a printer driver issue.
  • The default printer is missing or disconnected.


Depending on what is causing the issue, there are a number of ways to resolve it:

Conflict or Software Issue

  1. Launch Event Viewer in Windows.
  2. Look for errors in Windows Log -> Application.
  3. The errors will specify the details if the problem is caused by a conflict or software issue.


Check your anti-virus software to see if it has taken any quarantining actions.

Failure to Restore to the Visible Desktop

NiceLabel may have properly launched, but is not restoring to the visible desktop correctly. Similarly, Alt+Tab is not restoring the window.

  1. Move the cursor to the Web Client icon and hold Shift while right-clicking the mouse on the icon in the system tray.
  2. Choose Maximize.

Missing Printer

NiceLabel Web Client checks Windows for the printer that the label was designed for upon launch. This is not an uncommon situation and is not generally an issue. If it is unable to find the target printer, it will look for the Windows default printer. However, if neither printer is installed, or if the printer is in an error state, the Web Client may not completely load. Reconnect the printer or resolve the printer error and re-attempt launching Web Client.

Something Else

Contact EBI for further diagnostic troubleshooting.

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