Nicelabel Web Client Allows Printing of Deleted Labels (in LMS Document Storage) – Nicelabel Problem


When using the Nicelabel Web Client application, it generally pulls the latest approved version of a label from the LMS Document Storage. However, we encountered a situation where a label deleted from the LMS Document Storage STILL appeared in the Nicelabel Web Client and was available for printing. This article explains the problem and recommends a solution.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Printing with Nicelabel Web Client
  • User profile linked a Nicelabel form/solution
  • Target document(s) stored and approved in LMS Document Storage but later deleted


It appears the Nicelabel Web Client will create a local cache of documents used for printing from that client. If the Nicelabel solution running at print time cannot locate the label name in the LMS Document Storage, it appears to default back to the local Nicelabel Web Client cache. If it finds the label name in the cache, it will pull it up and allow the user to print it.

Cache location: C:\Users\[Profile Name]\AppData\Local\NiceLabel\NiceLabelWebClient\PFCache\[Server Name]@8080\http\Labels


Two Potential Approaches:

  1. Clear the local Nicelabel Web Client Cache
  2. Redesign the Solution Form

Approach #1 – Clear the local Nicelabel Web Client Cache

Remove all files in the cache folder.

Approach #2 – Redesign the Solution Form

Change the Nicelabel Solution Form to pull a list from the LMS Document Storage. Files deleted from LMS Document Storage will not appear on the list and the user will be limited to picking from those labels shown on the list. The option to use labels stored in local cache will not be available.

Additional Comments

Problem Discovered on: Nicelabel Enterprise LMS v17.3.1.2491 running on Windows Server 2016


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