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When the user opens a NiceLabel Application, the program generates an error message reading, “The file was created with a newer version of the software. The file contains functionalities which are not supported in your version of software.” The cause of the error message is most likely not with the file or NiceLabel itself, but rather an outdated WebClient issue. Read further for the explanation of the error message, its cause, and how to resolve the issue.


This error occurs when opening a NiceLabel Application from the WebClient. If the Application was designed in the most recent version of NiceLabel there should not be any issues. However, if the WebClient has not been updated to the most recent version, then it won’t recognize the new functionalities available in NiceLabel. As a result, it is the outdated WebClient that is the source of the error message.

Quick Fixes

The most simple way to fix this error is to update the WebClient. Updating the WebClient will also reveal if this is the cause of the error. To update the WebClient, launch NiceLabel. Then, download the printing client.

Follow the instructions in the install wizard to update the WebClient. Then, attempt to reopen the NiceLabel Application from the WebClient to confirm that the issue is resolved.

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