“The network license cannot be found…” CODESOFT Error Message

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CODESOFT, like other TEKLYNX software, requires connection to the Network Utilities app in order to verify its Network license. If the software is not able to locate Network Utilities, then the software will not launch and the it will present an error message reading, “The network license cannot be found. Check your Network Administration settings and ensure that the server is running.”

This article will explain the issue and present a solution.


As the message states, CODESOFT, or other TEKLYNX designer software cannot connect to the Network Administrations settings to verify the license. These settings are located in the Network Utilities app.

Quick Fixes

If you are still using a Network license for the product, then re-establish the connection to the Network Utilities app.

If you have downgraded the license to a single workstation version, then the problem is that the license has expired, and therefore the software won’t launch because it cannot find a valid license. If you have properly licensed the software on the workstation or are using a USB dongle, then you will need to enter the settings and point the software in the right direction. The instructions to do that are located here.

Additional Comments

Issue found with CODESOFT 2021.

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