Multiple SQL JOIN Statements in the Database Setup Causes Problems – BarTender Problem


This article explains how to avoid potential problems on BarTender involving multiple SQL JOIN statements.


Bartender freezes or restarts when using Database Setup Wizard. Setup and query prompt may fail during print preview.


Entering more than 2-3 JOIN statements in the Database Setup screen causes BarTender to freeze and restart (BarTender v10) when using the Database Setup Wizard. If the JOINs are put into a Custom Query, the BarTender Database Setup the Query prompt fails during print or print preview. Seagull Scientific BarTender support tells us that this is not unusual in the software.


The SQL query needs to be set up so that BarTender does not need to do the JOINs. Setting up a View with Management Studio allows the JOINs to occur in the database. The BarTender Database Setup is connected to the View instead of the other tables. No JOINs or Custom Queries are needed.

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