How to do multiple labels in one CODESOFT label template file – CODESOFT Instruction Article


There are times where having two separate labels (same size) in one label template file is necessary. This Instruction Article explains how to create two labels in one CODESOFT label template file.


  1. This process will work only if the 2 labels have the same label size and page layout.  To accomplish this, we use the duplex (printing on both side of the label) feature of CODESOFT.
  2. Create the first label using the normal procedure.
  3. To create the 2nd label:
    1. From the menu select View / Layers
    2. On the Layer window, select Dual side tab
    3. Select Back side
  4. Close the Layer Window. Now you are editing the 2nd label.
  5. You can switch between the first and second label by repeating step 3
  6. When printing the label, both labels should come out with the ‘front side’ label printing first. If the printer support duplex printing, the 2nd label will print on the back side of the label.

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