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This article explains the situation of missing historical data for labels in TEKLYNX CENTRAL and LABEL ARCHIVE as well as the solution to the issue.


We recently discovered that for some heavily-used systems, some of the historical data for labels would be missing. Unfortunately, users often never noticed that the information was missing until it was too late. In addition, this missing data could not be easily recovered.


The history information is stored within the LABELARCHIVE database in the table dbo.tblHistory.

Upon checking the data within the table, you may see a large quantity of data. In some cases, there will be tens of thousands of records, leading one to assume that all of the history information has been successfully stored.

However, upon closer inspection of the data, you may discover that some of the older data may be missing. In particular, data that is older than “xx” days, months or years has not been retained. The settings governing this cutoff is not readily apparent within the software.


LABLEARCHIVE system parameters are stored in the table dob.tblSysData within the LABELARCHIVE database.

One of the many parameters is called MAXHISTORYSIZE. Just as the name suggests, it sets the maximum number of rows (records) in the dbo.tblHistory table.

History Limit Table showing the MAXHISTORYSIZE setting.

Normally, the value for this parameter is 100,000. And, with this default once 100,000 records have been logged, the system will automatically delete the oldest 5,001 rows from the dbo.tblHistory table.


You cannot set the MAXHISTORYSIZE parameter through the user interface of TEKLYNX CENTRAL or LABEL ARCHIVE. Instead, you will have to make that change by accessing the database directly. The 100,000 record limit may be changed to any larger number. If you want the number of records to be unlimited, change the value to 2,147,483,647.


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