Microscan LVS 7500 Print Quality Inspection System – Product Information and User Guides

LVS 7500 Print Quality Inspection System

Product Overview

Microscan’s LVS 7500 Print Quality Inspection System is used for product label verification in such fields as medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, consumer goods packaging and specialty chemical manufacturing where accuracy is an absolute must. The LVS 7500 ensures accuracy and data integrity by scanning, verifying and validating 1D & 2 D barcodes, characters, numbers and other printed data while looking for blemishes and print faults. It is able to scan and verify at print speeds up to 10″ (254mm) per second). 

By deploying the LVS 7500, users can identify defects and receive notification of print quality degradation, allowing for proactive maintenance on a timely basis. The print quality inspection system reduces expenses by controlling waste and reducing re-work while also protecting from liability, fines and disputes that could arise from defective labeling. 

Product Information

LVS 7500 Brochure (PDF)

LVS 7500 Overview Brochure (PDF)

LVS 7500 Vision Technology Brochure (PDF)

LVS 7500 Validation Procedure Overview (PDF)

LVS 7500 CFR Compliance (PDF)

User Guides

LVS 7500 Operations Manual (PDF)

LVS 7500 External Installation Quick Start Guide (PDF)

LVS 7500 External System Operations Manual (PDF)


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