Menu Items and Buttons are Grayed Out – CODESOFT Problem

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This article explains the problem when menu items and buttons on the CODESOFT (as the Designer interface with LABEL ARCHIVE or TEKLYNX CENTRAL) main design screen are grayed out and non-operational.


  • CODESOFT (acting as a Designer for TEKLYNX CENTRAL) opens without issue from either TEKLYNX CENTRAL Command Center or directly in Windows
  • Some standard menu items are gray and non-functioning
  • Several buttons on the screen are gray and non-functioning


Most likely, the user does not have the permissions required to design or update a label.

When CODESOFT is setup as a designer interface for TEKLYNX CENTRAL, the LABEL ARCHIVE client is installed.  This connects the instance of CODESOFT to UMSS.  As CODESOFT opens, UMSS takes the user ID and determines the user groups or roles to which the user belongs.  The user ID can come from several sources depending on how UMSS is configured:

  • User ID when they logged into Windows (i.e. Windows Authentication enabled)
  • User ID entered when prompted by CODESOFT (i.e. standard UMSS authentication)
  • User ID entered into the Command Center if CODESOFT is opened from that screen as the ‘Label Designer’

The user groups establishes the permissions for the user.  If the user lacks the user group permissions (i.e. Design User) to create and change labels, those features will be unavailable when the software is opened.


  1. Open the UMSS/MSGS Server Administration console and select UMSS (you will have to login with credential that has sufficient privilege to modify the User permission.
  2. Select the user that is having problem (double-click)
  3. Check on the Group memberships for the user. Make sure that he/she belongs to group(s)  that has permission to run the designer.


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