Memor 10 Won’t Read Barcode – Datalogic Problem

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There are times when a scanner cannot read even a clean and functional barcode. Even after making sure the scanner’s window has been cleaned, it still won’t read a barcode. To add to the frustration, the scanner will read other barcodes printed by the same printer. As we show in this article, there can be a relatively easy solution.

Situation and Symptoms

  • Some barcodes are read correctly while others are not.
  • All barcodes in the batch are printed from the same printer are of good quality.
  • The barcodes that cannot be scanned use a different symbology from those which can be read.


Some barcode symbologies utilize fewer digits by default. For instance, Code 39 only allows 20 characters while Code 128 allows for 45. Therefore, if a Code 39 barcode contains 28 digits, it will look normal, but the remaining 8 digits will be ignored.


Change the scanner’s settings to allow it to read the full code without changing the symbology. This will tell the scanner to read the full barcode.

  1. Go to the Memor 10’s Settings.
  2. Look for Datalogic settings.
  1. Within Datalogic settings, tap on Scanner & decoder.
  1. Tap on Symbology settings.
  1. Select the symbology for the barcode format that is not scanning. We are using Code 39 for this example.
  1. This opens the Decoder Parameters window. Tap on L2 length.
  1. The L2 length is the maximum number of characters that the scanner will read for this symbology. Choose the maximum character length.
  2. Tap OK to save the change.
  1. Scan the problematic barcodes. A successful scan confirms the new settings.

Additional Comments

Tested with Memor 10 scanner.

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