MCL NET v3 User Interface Does Not Appear After Starting – MCL Problem


This article explains a possible cause for the MCL problem that stops the user interface from working despite using the software properly.


  • Upgrading the license of MCL NET v3 to allow for additional users
  • Selecting the MCL NET v3 application
  • User interface does not appear on the screen
  • No indication that it is running


An setting in the MCLNet.ini file is preventing the software from running in Viewer Mode. Viewer mode grants the user access to the MCL Net user interface and its functions.


  1. Navigate to C:\MCL3\NET\subnets\subnet1
  2. Locate and open ‘MCLNet.ini’ in a notepad
  3. In the configuration file, locate the following line: Service=TRUE
  4. Modify ‘TRUE’ to ‘FALSE’
  5. Save and close the configuration file
  6. Start MCL NET v3 to confirm display of user interface


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