MCL-Net Log Definitions – MCL Reference Article


This article provides definitions of verbiage found in the MCL-Net logs. These definitions should help the reader understand and interpret the logs. Thus allowing faster resolution of problems.


Message Type Abbreviations

  • IN – Informational only
  • WA – Warning
  • AK – Acknowledge

Note: Each message sent by MCL Client to MCL-Net will require an acknowledge (AK). If none is received, MCL will resend the data packet.


  • Status_repetitionblock (WA) – Something prevents or blocks the data transmission. There are several reasons this can occur. They include firewall, connectivity, multiple NICs, packets received out of order, etc. This article explains in more detail.
  • Incorrect sequence received (IN) – MCL-Net receives packets in the wrong order. This also triggers the status_reptitionblock.
  • RETRY – Used when MCL-Net tries to reestablish communication with a mobile terminal.



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