Markoprint Print Driver Continually Displays Error Message About License – CODESOFT Problem

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This article explores the problem of a reoccurring error message. The message states: “This printer requires a specific License which is not valid anymore. Install a valid license for this printer.” We explore possible causes and a suggested resolution based on printer setup below.

Reoccurring MarkoPrint License Error Message

Situation and symptoms

  • CODESOFT error message appears whenever you try to print to a Markoprint printer
  • Print driver for the Markoprinter (provided by Teklynx) is correctly installed and licensed


It appears a quirk in the printer driver causes this problem. It is triggered when the printer driver is set to print directly to the IP address of the printer (e.g. port 10200) instead of using Windows spooler.


Switch to use the Windows print spooler. If licensed correctly, the driver error message should disappear.

Additional Instructions

You can find instructions for setting up the printer using the Windows Print Spooler here:


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