“This printer requires a specific license. Install the required license…” – CODESOFT Error Message

Target Audience: Basic User, Advanced User, IT Manager
Article #: 12223


When attempting to add to a Marko printer to the printer list, the user gets an error message reading “This printer requires a specific license. Install the required license for this printer before adding it.”

Error message when attempting to add unlicensed Marko printer to the list


TEKLYNX requires that users of some printer drivers pay an additional fee to work with their products. For those drivers, a license must be purchased and a special print pack needs to be installed. After installation, the print pack is activated with the license information. Marko printer drivers are one example of this additional fee requirement. The Marko printer driver triggered this message for our client.

Quick Fixes

Contact us for your Marko printer driver license. Then, install it following these instructions.

Additional Comments

Issue found with CODESOFT v2019 with Marko printer drivers.


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