Loading Pictures from the Server Fails on iPad – EBiTrack Problem


This article explains how to resolve the EBiTrack Problem that prevents image retrieval.


User is able to take a picture and save to database using EBiTrack, but unable to retrieve the same image.


One possible solution is to check that the port number on IIS matches the port number on the config file.

To find this information:

  • Server:Navigate to Start menu > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services ManagerExpand (<Server name>) > Sites > wsBackTrackRecord the IP address and Port number under ‘Browse Web Site’

    Navigate to C:\ > ebiTrack

    Open Web.config file

    Navigate to <appSettings>

    Check that the value for keys: ImageURL, PhotoURL, and InvoiceURL match the IP address and Port number recorded earlier

    If not, change IP address and Port number in the Web.config file to match previously recorded IP address and Port number

    Save Web.config file

  • iPad (EBiTrack):Open EBiTrack applicationUnder ‘General’ tab, hit ResetUnder ‘Reset Options’, hit Force Reset > Reset

    Re-enter Domain name and port number to gain access to EBiTrack again

Additional Comments

Software Found On:
Windows 2008 R2, EBiTrack version 0.5


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