“lmw.exe has stopped working” – LABEL MATRIX Error Message Article

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While working in LABEL MATRIX the program generates an error message. The error window states:

“lmw.exe has stopped working” A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Please close the program.”

This error message may occur when you open an existing label file or while placing a barcode object (linear or 2D) while designing a new label.


After an extensive testing, we discovered that the problem was caused by font settings in the barcode object. Specifically, when the Auto (Printer Default) font is used – it is the default selection for a barcode object.

Switch the font from Auto (Printer Default) to a different font to eliminate the problem. 

The problem occurred when one of our users installed a product called  Extensis Universal Type Client on the computer.  This software appears to be a font management software that interfered with the auto printer default font setting within LABEL MATRIX.




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