Limit PrintUser Access to Preview (not Print) Labels – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Instructions

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This Instruction Article explains how to setup users for preview only (not print) in the TEKLYNX CENTRAL PrintUser (BBUI) HTML interface. This is accomplished by enabling the User Logic feature to control user (or user group) access to printers. A person assigned to a user group with the ability to print or preview but lacking access to printers, will have ‘view only’ privileges on the HTML / PrintUser interface.


  • Identify users who will require “Preview Only” permissions
  • Setup should be done by TC administrator
  • Test in off-production hours to minimize potential downtime


Step 1: Grant ACReportUsers Execute PrintUser (i.e. BBUI Web) permissions

  • Log into TEKLYNX CENTRAL Command Center
  • Select Manage Users from the Licensing section
  • Locate the ACReportUsers Group under the UMSS node
  • Open Properties for the ACReportUsers, select the Permissions tab, and navigate to the UMSS \ BBUI \ Web node
  • Select at least one of the three permissions (this allows members of this user group to access the PrintUser (i.e. BBUI)

Step 2: Assign target (i.e view only) users to this group (i.e. ACReportUsers)

  • Open the user account(s)
  • Add to each user , the target users group (i.e. ACReportUsers) with checkbox

Step 3: Enable User Logic in the BBUI (read warning below!)

WARNING!!! Enabling the User Logic and applying it to printers will, by default, remove ALL users or user groups from all printers. For current users or user groups to regain access, the admin needs to IMMEDIATELY pull up each user or user group and give them access to EACH printer.

  • Log into TCADMIN (http://[server name]/TCADMIN) as an administrator
  • On the Options / General Options tab / subtab, select the User Logic feature
  • On the Data Configuration page, select Connections to get to the Connections screen
  • (1) Select the User Logic tab on the Connections screen
  • (2) Check the two check boxes, the right side:
    1. Apply to User Groups
    2. Only apply to printers
  • (3) On the left side of the screen, select the appropriate groups
  • (4) Restore their access to the printers by checking the check box next to each printer
  • (5) Press Save under the printer list to grant access to those printers for that user group (failure to save will not grant them access)
  • Before leaving, select the ACReportUsers group and verify NO printers are selected for that group.

Step 4: Verify it works

  • Log into the TC Print User interface as the ‘view only’ user
  • Bring up a label(s)
  • Verify you get the ‘No printers assigned’ message for each label
  • Log into the TC Print User interface as a Print User
  • Verify the printer options appear below each label(s)This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is TEKLYNX-CENTRAL-User-Logic-with-and-without-printers-1024x542.png


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