“License Can Not be Verified” – NiceLabel Error Article

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This Error Message Article explains the NiceLabel error message “The requested service, ../Authentication.svc could not be activated”. This article also details how to fix the underlying problem that caused it to appear.


This error will pop up when running NiceLabel applications such as NiceLabel Web print, Automation, and Designer and causes them to become unusable. This is due to a service that is downloaded with NiceLabel called the NiceLabel Proxy Service which authenticates the license with other workstations/ the license server. In the case where this error occurred it was due to a proxy service that was using up more system resources than expected. It will help to investigate the Event Viewer to see if any errors appear in the logs as well.

Quick Fixes

To fix this issue go to the services application and restart the NiceLabel Proxy Service. If the error appears and higher-than-normal usage is observed in the Task Manager, restarting the service will bring it back down to its baseline and fix the issue.

Additional Comments

Issue Found in NiceLabel LMS

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