LABELVIEW Periodically Stops SLicense Service – LABELVIEW Problem


The article discusses the problem of the SLicense service supporting LABELVIEW License Manager stopping at random times and recommends possible solutions.


LABELVIEW, when running off of a server to a networked client, would periodically stop running.


SLicense service is a very small program that does not use a lot of resources on the server.  When it stopped, it is usually due to some other issues with the server.  The most frequent cause is the low disk space on drive C.



Check available disk space and restart the SLicense service.  To restart the SLicense:

  1. Run Services.msc and look for the SLicense service
  2. Right click ‘SLicense’ and select properties.
  3. Right click ‘SLicense’ and select restart.

Additional Comments

Software Found On: LABELVIEW 10


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