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Zebra printers begin producing labels missing information including barcodes, following a software upgrade. The user upgraded their CODESOFT software. However, they were still printing to an older Zebra print engine.

Artist representation. The printer stopped printing before the label was completed.

Situation and Symptoms

  • TEKLYNX CENTRAL upgraded from v4.0 to v5.1
  • Triggered upgrade of CODESOFT component of TEKLYNX CENTRAL to v2019
  • Older CODESOFT (v2014) printed to Zebra Xi PAX4 engine without issue prior to upgrade
  • Upgraded CODESOFT prints to Zebra Xi PAX4 engine, but with labels missing information
  • Upgrade print engine to ZE500 resolves issue


The user upgraded their CODESOFT software from v2014 to v2019. The drivers for the Zebra Xi PAX 4 were upgraded as well. However, the new driver version that came with v2019 sent incomplete print jobs.


TEKLYNX appears to have addressed the issue in a newer version of the print driver than the one which came with v2019. When the newer driver was installed, it resolved the issue.

Additional Comments

Issue found in CODESOFT v2019 print driver

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