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This article explains the cause and solution to the BarTender problem that causes labels to disappear from Web Portal Printing Interface.


Labels disappear from the BarTender Print Portal.


The problem is most likely related to permission issue. To confirm, in the BarTender Administration Console / Security, confirm that the group that the user belongs to has proper security settings:

BarTender Print Portal – Run – Allow

Librarian (if documents are in Librarian) – Open Published Files – Allow

There is also a ‘When permission is denied, allow login override’ check box at the bottom of the screen. This check box is optional. You should consult your company policy before checking the box.

The logic behind this is when the box “When permission is denied, allow login override” is checked, BarTender will present users with all the files regardless of the permission settings. If the user does not have permission to access, BarTender will prompt for alternative login.
When the box is unchecked, in theory, users should only be able to see what the permission settings allowed.  However, in the Print Portal, when the security setting is set to “Disable authentication,” user authentication never happened. Therefore, the system does not know who the user is, and the user cannot see anything. This is a weak login but it does apply to version 2016 R2 but not necessarily the R3 version.

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