Windows Update Causes TEKLYNX Software Database Connection Problems – TEKLYNX Problem Article


This article provides a possible explanation when TEKLYNX labeling software (CODESOFT, LABELVIEW, LABEL MATRIX) failed to work or received various error messages related to the database connection when there were no known software changes


  • Opening a label design file causes database connectivity error messages.
  • The label template eventually opens, but the user cannot print or view any data that comes from a connected database.
  • This can happen with any TEKLYNX label design software using database connections. The software was previously working without issues.


At the time this article was written, a Windows update to Windows 7 appeared a to effect the ‘Jet Database’ drivers. Check to see when was the last time the system was updated. If the update took place recently, the cause may be the update from Microsoft.


Check description of each of the updates to see if there are any mentions of ‘Jet’. This is a database driver that the labeling software uses to connect to a database (Excel file included).

KB4041681 is one such update. Uninstalling it and rebooting the computer may solve the problem.

Additional Comments

This article seems to identify the problem:


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