“LabelArchiveServerService Failed to Start” – TEKLYNX CENTRAL Error

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When updating Teklynx Central with the latest patches, the following error message appears:
Service cannot be started. System.ApplicationException:
‘LabelArchiveServerService’ service failed to start —>
System.ApplicationException: An exception has occured —> TkxArv.Common.Exceptions.
ProcessorException: Processor not found.”

This article explains the cause as well as offers a solution.


When installing the patch for TEKLYNX CENTRAL, Windows may block the installed patch files from being read or launched. This happens because the patch package was transferred from another computer instead of being directly downloaded onto that machine. This can also occur when the patch is copied elsewhere, downloaded and then installed.


You will need to review every patch file that was installed from the package to the TEKLYNX CENTRAL server. You are checking for a security setting in the files’ properties.

  1. Search through the patch packet file and locate each filename in the TEKLYNX CENTRAL installation
  2. Right-click each file and select Properties
  3. On the General tab, in the Security section, click the box next to Unblock
  1. Click OK to apply changes

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