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When printing a saved label to the same printer using different programs, or different workstations, the label is resized. This occurs even when both pieces of software are from the same manufacturer.

Situation and Symptoms

  • The label is created and prints correctly from one piece of software. However, when it it is opened by a different program and then printed on the same printer, it will print larger or smaller.
  • The label prints normally from one workstation, but when it is sent to the same printer from a different workstation it is also resized.
Examples of a label printing too large or too small.


The issue is caused by different printer drivers. These drivers are not stored on the printer itself, but rather on the individual workstations. Additionally, when the label is created, the printer driver being used at the time is referenced when the design is saved.

Among other settings, the resolution – measured in dots-per-inch (DPI) – can be different between two drivers for the same printer. For example, a Zebra ZT610 can print at 203, 300 or 600dpi. If a driver with a different resolution is selected, this will cause the label to print larger or smaller. Because they look similar in a list of available printer drivers, it is really easy to select the wrong one.

Example of a SENTINEL printer driver list
Example of a CODESOFT printer driver list

In the above images, note that many of the printer driver names are identical with only the resolution (dpi) shown within the parenthesis at the end of the driver name.


The solution, of course, is to make sure that you chose the correct driver for the printer at the correct resolution. The resolution is built into the printer and cannot be changed, except by using the driver to control output.

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