Label Printing and Editing Takes a Long Time to Load – BACKTRACK Problem Article


When user tries to print or modify a label from BACKTRACK, the system may take 10-40 second before the next window pops up.

Situation and Symptoms

  • From BACKTRACK, select Design/Print Labels
  • Select a Label on the left and either New, Edit, Print, or Map Data buttons on the right


TEKLYNX has designed BACKTRACK to link to one of three compatible label software applications (all made by TEKLYNX). These are:


When performing a label design or print function, BACKTRACK must first start the labeling software. It does not load when BACKTRACK is started. The labeling software is only loaded when label printing functions are used. This is essentially the same as starting the label software manually. Anything that causes delay or extends the wait for loading the software manually will also affect BACKTRACK.


Since BACKTRACK is built to load the printing software only when needed, the only way to increase the speed of label printing and editing in BACKTRACK is to increase the speed of loading the software on the computer. This can include:

  1. Upgrade workstation hardware
  2. Upgrade the workstation OS
  3. Change software configuration to optimize startup time

The third option will depend on the software used. Some ways to improve loading speed in LABEL MATRIX (commonly used with BACKTRACK) can be found in the LABEL MATRIX Loads Slowly – LABEL MATRIX Problem Article.



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