Label Print Settings Lost When Printing on Different Computer – CODESOFT Problem

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CODESOFT has a feature which allows the user to save the printer settings within the label design. These settings are saved in the local User.ini file based on the printer’s name on the PC being used at the time. As a result, these label print settings are lost when the user moves the label design to a different computer. Unless the new PC has a printer with the EXACT same name, the file will not update the printer’s settings.

Situation and Symptoms

  • CODESOFT printer driver used
  • Label design saved with settings for a specific printer
  • Label design moved to a new computer that lacks a printer with the same name
  • “This label was created for…” error message appears
Error message that appears when printer settings saved to the label cannot find the target printer on a different PC.
  • The printer settings saved to that label on the previous PC are lost


When using TEKLYNX print drivers, saving a label design in CODESOFT will save the printer settings. Upon opening that label, CODESOFT will look for the printer if the “load the printer settings saved..” feature is enabled in the CODESOFT Configuration. If it can find the printer, it will attempt to write those settings into that printer’s User.ini file.

“Load the printer settings…” setting and the location of the printer settings within the User.ini file.

If CODESOFT cannot find a printer of the name saved within the document, it will generate the “This label was created for the ….” error message. This means that the saved label settings will not be used. This is because the settings cannot be loaded into the User.ini file. Instead, the default settings will be used on the printer connected to the new workstation.

Additional Comments

Issue found with CODESOFT v2014 using CODESOFT drivers.

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