Label Margins Change Between Print Jobs – CODESOFT Problem

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Users can adjust printer horizontal and vertical settings directly in the printer using the keypad. Or, they can do so by sending commands in the print job. This latter uses printer code such as ^LS and ^LT to respectively change the left and top settings in ZPL code. In CODESOFT, these settings have often been saved in the printer driver. When using CODESOFT print drivers, these settings can be can also be stored in the label design. However, without careful control of these different settings, it’s easy to make unintentional offset changes. Very often, the label change between print jobs appears to be random.

Examples of the same label with different offsets.

Situation and Symptoms

  • User successfully prints a label
  • User then prints different labels
  • When user reprints the first label, it is now offset without apparent reason


What’s happening is that the label offset settings in the printer have been changed by the time the user reprints the first label.

This change in margin happens because:

  • Someone manually changed the printer settings via the margin controls on the printer itself
  • A label was printed that contained instructions to change the printer’s offset settings
  • Someone printed a label from a different computer, using a different print driver, which changed the margin settings

Very often, it isn’t obvious that the offset settings were changed. As a result, when the user prints the same job – which had been successful the first time – the results are completely different. Of course, this can be very confusing.

Furthermore, if the user doesn’t clear all of the print jobs out of the printer memory, the same margin settings may persist. This can occur even if they have sent another print job through with instructions to reset the offset. That “resetting label” is likely still in the queue and the printer won’t see the new settings until that label is run.


There are a number of possible solutions. Some of these approaches are dependent upon the situation whether they will work or not. In the case that lead to the writing of this article, we set disabled the both the sending of the label top and label left in the printer settings. We also disabled the Load the printer saved in the document feature in the Configuration. The result is that margins are reset within the printer before printing each job. Any changes made made directly on the printer’s controls or via a print job’s settings would be ignored and overwritten.

Setting to reset printer offsets for each print job

Additional Comments

Issue found with CODESOFT v2014 using CODESOFT drivers.

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