Label File (w/ Password) Will Not Open on Newly Installed Software – CODESOFT Problem

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This article examines the problem that arises when opening a file created with CODESOFT Enterprise edition, using password protection (called ‘Multi-level password protection’), with CODESOFT Pro edition (which does not have the password feature).

Password Prompt

Situation and symptoms

  • Software was recently upgraded or installed for the first time.
  • Double-clicking on the file itself will launch CODESOFT without error but the label itself will not open.
  • Opening the file within CODESOFT fails to produce an error but also fails to open the label file.
  • The label file has password protection.
  • When opening the label file on another workstation, the label prompts user for password and, upon authentication, opens correctly.
  • Labels without password will open normally.


In the situation that prompted this article, the user setup a new workstation with CODESOFT Pro. The labels (including ones with passwords) had been created with CODESOFT Enterprise. The ones with embedded password protection used a feature only available in CODESOFT Enterprise called “Multi-Level password protection”.

Since CODESOFT Pro does not support this feature, it will not prompt the user for a password. And, without a password, the label file will not open. As a result the user is unable to open the file but will not receive an error message. The password feature is required to get the password prompt and, without the prompt, CODESOFT will not permit access.


There are two solutions:

  1. Upgrade CODESOFT Pro to CODESOFT Enterprise – this will activate the “Multi-Level password protection” feature and thus allow the password prompt to appear.
  2. Remove the password from the label – you can do this by opening the label design file using CODESOFT Enterprise, change the password to blank, and then save the file.

Additional comments

If you attempt to remove the password, remember to use a newer version of CODESOFT Enterprise. CODESOFT is not forward compatible and cannot open label files saved in a newer version.


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