Label Does Not Appear in CODESOFT After Checkout – LABEL ARCHIVE Problem

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When attempting to check out a label from LABEL ARCHIVE, it does not appear in CODESOFT. Both LABEL ARCHIVE and CODESOFT are operating normally. And, all other operations of the two programs appear to be working normally.

The checked-out label does not appear in CODESOFT.

Situation and Symptoms

  • LABEL ARCHIVE is running with Windows Authentication
  • The approved label is checked out from LABEL ARCHIVE, but it does not appear in CODESOFT
  • The “Save Locally” feature is working correctly
  • There are no error or warning messages
  • The behavior is restricted to a single workstation (PC) while other connected workstations work normally
  • Neither UMSS or MSGS nodes appear on the UMSS-MSGS Servers Administration
Neither UMSS nor MSGS nodes appear


It appears that a corruption in a DLL on the workstation is the source of the problem.


Run CODESOFT’s installer and select Repair to fix the problem.

Additional Comments

Tested Using CODESOFT 2019 and LABEL ARCHIVE 2019

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