LABEL ARCHIVE Will Not Allow User to Approve a Label Design – LABEL ARCHIVE Problem


This article explains the LABEL ARCHIVE problem that prevents users from approving designs through CODESOFT.


CODESOFT User, logging into LABEL ARCHIVE, fails to get a notice of a pending approval. Selecting “Actions” on the LABEL ARCHIVE menu also fails to show a pending approval. However, if the label design version is viewed in the checkout screen, it will show ‘In Approval’ as status.


LABEL ARCHIVE is not recognizing the logged in user as a user in the active Approval Rules workflow. When the label design version was checked into the approval process (Check-in ‘In-Approval’), the person checking-in the label selected an Approval Rule. If the logged in user is not part of this Approval Rule, they will not be prompted for approval and cannot participate in the approval process.

This issue appeared when a client set an approval rule with the Handler as “Single” and Parameter as “Administrator”. However, they logged in (automatically using Windows Active Directory) as a different account, but with Administrator user group privileges. Since the approval rule is set for Single and Administrator, it requires only that user to approve.

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