LABEL ARCHIVE Does Not Authenticate Users Who Connect From CODESOFT – CODESOFT PROBLEM


This article explains the cause and possible solutions to the LABEL ARCHIVE problem that prevents user authentication through CODESOFT.


A user opens CODESOFT and connects to LABEL ARCHIVE, but LABEL ARCHIVE does not request authentication.


When using CODESOFT with LABEL ARCHIVE: The client attempts to make a connection to the LABEL ARCHIVE Server. LABEL ARCHIVE will first automatically attempt to authenticate the user with the credentials used to log into the computer (silent login using Active Directory).

If these credentials do no work in LABEL ARCHIVE, the user will either be given the opportunity to authenticate directly to the LABEL ARCHIVE UMSS or they will be given an error depending on the “Always prompt at login” setting in the LABEL ARCHIVE Client Administration.

In the event the connection to the UMSS from LABEL ARCHIVE client is invalid, LABEL ARCHIVE will request credentials but nothing will work.

If the Windows login is valid in LABEL ARCHIVE, the user will not be prompted to authenticate.


The only way to make LABEL ARCHIVE prompt for authentication is to:

  • Log into Windows with an ID and password not synchronized with LABEL ARCHIVE
  • Remove the Windows user ID and password from the UMSS

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